Spiritual Databases

Patricia’s Love of Databases

Patricia worked with databases for many years during her corporate career.  She loves information and finding ways to easily access complex information. Sharing the result with others has been her joy.

She started doing numerology charts many years ago by placing the information into a spreadsheet and transferring that to a document. Her dream to use Carol Adrienne’s The Numerology Kit by entering the full name and date of birth came into being with lots of work in 2012.

She added decks to the mix starting with the Motherpeace deck and Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Deck combined with Tarot: Mirror of the Soul by Gerd Zeigler. The complexity of using the Zeigler book involved combining a chakra reading with the questions asked. Wanting to include the picture of the card compounded the challenge. Solving that challenge brought her great satisfaction.


When Patricia meets with a client she typically checks to see if they are an Indigo by asking some questions: Can you tell if someone is lying? Are you intuitive? Are you spiritual rather than religious? How do you feel if someone tells you to do something a specific way.

If they are, she shares a piece where she has gathered information from the books that she has read on Indigos after she discovered that she was one. Then she does their numerology chart and walks them through a summary where she has gathered information that she has found to be important from various sources followed by a chakra reading from the Aleister Crowley deck with the Gerd Ziegler’s Tarot: Mirror of the Soul.

She often finds issues that need to be addressed through a healing modality that she created over a number of years called: Ask and Let Go(d).  More details about that can be found at Ask and Let Go(d).

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