Classic Astrology Layout

  1. You: The center of your universe
  2. Petal 1: Your Outlook on Life and how you view the world around you
  3. Petal 2: Illuminates your attitudes concerning your relationship with the physical world, your resources, money and possessions
  4. Petal 3: shows what and how you think and your skills for relating to, and communicating with, others
  5. Petal 4: Your Foundation, the inner dwelling of your soul, the house of birth and childhood and your home life
  6. Petal 5: Your house of Self-Expression, how you embody your gifts
  7. Petal 6: House of initiation and attunement, your healing and purification and your practices (spiritual and otherwise) for awakening and growth\
  8. Petal 7: Where you find ongoing relationships, partnerships and marriage as you move away from personal concerns to develop “we-consciousness” and the capacity to “mirror” in relationships
  9. Petal 8: Process of transmutation – intense energies of awakening test the lessons of purification and loving relationships
  10. Petal 9: where you look to the big picture of why you are alive and what is the truth
  11. Petal 10: reflects your work for the planet and how you manifest your visions
  12. Petal 11: illuminates your highest vision, cosmic consciousness and inherent knowing
  13. Petal 12: represents the completion of an earth journey cycle

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