Motherpeace Tarot Deck

Layouts can use the words of the Guidebook or Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess Through Myth, Art, and Tarot.

  1. Significator is the starting point of who or what I am right now at the time of the reading
  2. Atmosphere is the event, catalyst, or action that sets the stage for the reading and is what’s behind the reading or question
  3. Crosscurrent is the lesson I’m learning which may tell me about a skill I need to acquire
  4. Root is what I’m standing on – the unconscious influences and what I feel in my body
  5. Passing Away is an event in the recent past, such as last week or even earlier in the day and is important to the reading in some way.
  6. Sky is what hangs over the reading. It is my head, conscious self, or spirit connect, and sometimes represents my personality or how I act in the world
  7. Near Future is an event that will happen soon, probably in the next week or as soon as later in the day and is something that is significant to the overall reading
  8. Self-Concept is how I feel or think about myself and I pay attention to whether it is in harmony or conflict with the Significator. The Self-Concept is an attitude and it can be changed or updated if it seems to lag behind what the rest of the reading is saying about me.
  9. Hopes and Fears could be either or both a hope and a fear. If the card is a Major Arcana, it is a current reality as well.
  10. House is an individual or group that is important to the reading in some way and may be a source of support or a negative influence.
  11. Outcome. If the card is a Major Arcana, it indicates how the reading or cycle will turn out or resolve itself.
  12. Outcome (optional)
  13. Outcome (optional)
  14. Outcome (optional)

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