The Mirror

  1. The Body: You in the here/now
  2. The Heart: You in the here/now
  3. The Mind: You in the here/now
  4. The Body: Partner in the here/now
  5. The Heart: Partner in the here/now
  6. The Mind: The Partner in the here/now
  7. Melting and Merging (Intimacy): Outer Manifestation of the partnership
  8. The alchemy of togetherness (transformation): Outer manifestation of the partnership
  9. The blessings (benefits and gifts): Outer manifestation of the partnership
  10. Melting and Merging (intimacy): Inner Spiritual Purpose
  11. The alchemy of togetherness (transformation): Inner spiritual purpose
  12. The blessings (benefits and gifts): Inner Spiritual Purpose

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