Cosmic Light Spread

  1. East and Fire: The East is where the sun rises each and every day bringing you the opportunity for New Beginnings
  2. South and Earth: South, place of the Inner Child, where you place your faith as you move along your journey
  3. West and Water: West is for going inside and finding the answers that already reside innately in you always.
  4. North and Air: The North is the place of the Mind. Where is your thinking taking you?
  5. Center and Spirit: The Center Card is the Core and represents the issue at hand
  6. The Sun: Represents taking action and your Masculine side
  7. The Moon: Invitation to open to Feminine side, receptivity
  8. The Stars: Assistance from the Stars
  9. The Stars: Assistance from the Stars
  10. The Stars: Assistance from the Stars
  11. The Spiral: Tool to anchor in and ground more deeply as you create and manifest your desire
  12. The Creator: Energies for you to become more aware of. As you allow it, it can help support a place for you to arrive into a Higher level of awareness

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