Rainbow Rays Chakra Balancing Spread

  1. Crown: Violet, Spiritual intention, intelligence, and involvement, Soul purpose, transformation, wholeness, and healing
  2. Third Eye: Blue, Serenity, peacefulness, clarity, relating, faith, and trust, mothering, nurturing, communication, and natural authority
  3. Throat: Turquoise, Creative communication from the heart, heartfelt feelings of expression, creativity, and joy
  4. Heart: Green, Love, compassion, self-acceptance, and nurturing yourself. Physical and emotional healing, where you can offer generosity considering yourself as well as another.
  5. Solar Plexus, Yellow, Sunshine, intellect, clarity of thought, and willpower
  6. Below Navel, Orange, Instinctual wisdom and profound insight, enthusiasm, intense joy, creativity, bliss and balance
  7. Sacral: Red, Passion, action, strength, and security, as well as deep grounding energy

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